Design for the Replacement of two Offshore Pipelines

Asia - China

Business Area:
CACT (CNOOC - Chevron Texaco)
Replacement of damaged oil flowlines in South China Sea

The project consists of the replacement of 2 damaged oil flowlines (ND 10”-12” , 7 km and 35 km long respectively, 120 m mean depth, at high pressure and temperature), connecting 2 production platforms to the FPSO in the South China Sea (100 miles far from the coast).

Enereco carried out the feasibility study for the project and the detailed design of the new flowlines, including:

  • Steady State and transient process study
  • Corrosion study, material selection and material purchase specifications
  • Detail design of pipelines, connection Z-spool, and risers (including clamps)
  • Detail design of PLEM before FPSO connection
  • Detail design of topside and subsea pig traps.

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