Enereco has always been active in engineering and supervision of works: the focus on these two services has allowed Enereco to develop a natural capability of thinking about the Project as a whole from the very first steps, represented by technical – economical feasibility, until permitting and construction activities.

Every project phase is carried out taking into account the client requirements, estimating costs and benefits for the whole plant life; local community needs are not left aside as we analyze the social and environmental context as well to make the world we’re living in more sustainable.

project management

We work together with our clients to identify their specific requirements in order to form a customized project management team for their project.

  • Cost Estimation and Cost Control
  • Planning, Forecasting, Progress Monitoring
  • Risk Management
  • Document Management (with use of Enereco’s proprietary web-based EDMS, Gescom)
  • HSEQ Management
  • Installation & Construction Management
  • Commissioning Management
  • Contract Management
  • Permitting Management
  • KPI Development and Monitoring
  • Lessons Learned Workshops

Enereco can provide a complete package of services, or participate as part of an integrated project management team.

field service &
construction management

Enereco’s field services & construction management are designed to meet the client’s requirements from the earliest stages of project development – providing the planning and resources to improve productivity, reduce costs and duplication, standardize systems, and finish on time and within budget.

  • Pre-construction phase value engineering, recommendations, design review, estimating budgeting and scheduling
  • On-site management of installation and construction, including cost control and claims management
  • All levels of site supervision
  • Commissioning and Start-up
  • Health and Safety management
  • Environmental controls and monitoring

The processes of construction, installation, commissioning and start-up must be thoroughly planned and monitored. For this, you can trust in Enereco.


Enereco approaches projects with a focus on total project delivery.

It is not enough to concentrate only upon the aspects of a project for which we are explicitly accountable, but instead we consider the overall project objectives.


Technical economical and social feasibility analysis

CAPEX and OPEX preparation

Maintenance engineering

Site services

Turnkey plants


Solutions tailored on customer and social, economical and environmental context.

The project analysis from feasibility to construction and commissioning can help estimating costs and benefits for the whole plant life.

Just one reference for engineering, construction and maintenance of your plant.

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we provide multidisciplinary engineering services based on a substantial experience in major capital projects as well as in the use of industry’s leading types of software, codes and practices.



we support you in the tendering and procurement activities as well as directly purchasing, expediting and delivering on your behalf, optimizing your time and budget. All over the world.