Enereco provides procurement and tendering support to both operators and contractors, as well as carrying out first hand our procurement for E&P projects. Just one reference between supplier and client from the very bidding phase to the delivery on site.

Preparation is key in procurement, thus we are keen to begin working with the client as soon as possible in the planning process: anticipating any criticality and focusing on every single detail will ease problem solving. The earlier the better.


Procurement Management
Development of Procurement Strategies
ITT Packages complete of technical and commercial aspects
Supplier Management
Contract Review and Management
Scope of Work Preparation and Review, technical and commercial
Tender Clarifications and Evaluations
Material Management / Expediting
Post-Order Supplier Follow-Up of both commercial and technical aspects
Inspection and Test Witnessing
Subcontracts Services
Support for Capex and Opex Estimating


Enereco’s logistics team manages the transportation of material and equipment from the conceptual design to the project site, meeting the needs of all actors involved and exporting in compliance with country laws, regulations and credit letter requirements.


Enereco can also assume the full procurement scope for Engineering & Procurement contracts and EPC, directly purchasing, expediting and delivering for projects.

In all cases, Enereco can provide procurement solutions that ensure that our clients receive what they need, when it is needed, and at the right price. 

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we provide multidisciplinary engineering services based on a substantial experience in major capital projects as well as in the use of industry’s leading types of software, codes and practices.



we analyze the social and environmental context in every project to respect the world we’re living in, besides estimating costs and benefits for the whole plant life. Sustainability is the key.