Enereco has grown to offer engineering specialist services in many sectors and has gained substantial experience in major capital projects. We are a completely multidisciplinary engineering company and we offer proven expertise with the industry’s leading software and our extensive knowledge of industry codes and practices. We are engineering and design experts for all phases of a project. We bring our experience and know-how to our clients for defining and selecting technologies and developing all the way through into project executing.

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every single project is tailor made to meet client’s needs


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engineering enereco

Project Diversity

Large oil & gas plants and export pipelines.

Water treatment systems.

Tank farms and relevant infrastructure for products handling.

Natural gas and hydrogen distribution networks.

Infrastructures for electric power generation and distribution.

Renewable energy.

Solutions for circular economy.


Conceptual and feasibility studies.

Basic and detailed design.

Maintenance and operability engineering.


Engineering support in the construction phase of projects.

Simulation analyses to resolve root-cause problems.

Improve safety and environmental compliance.

Total project solutions.


Multidisciplinarity through custom made and flexible services.

Design independence and responsibility in project execution.

Pipeline specialists and plant experts.

Lateral thinking and constant investment in R&D.

Design from prefeasibility to construction and commissioning.

the Health and Safety Engineering

HSE, Health, Safety and Environment, is an important component of our overall engineering services and are principal concerns for all industrial activities. Implementing these concerns in design means identifying and eliminating hazards as early as possible in the design phase, before they can become real risks to people, assets and the environment. 

OR&A Maintenance and Asset Integrity Engineering

More than ever industry is emphasizing the need to build plants that are not only efficient in terms of production, but in terms of maintenance and sustainability, to ensure the long and efficient life of our industrial plants. This need has precipitated the rapid emergence of the concepts that underlie the discipline of OR&A Maintenance and Asset Integrity Engineering.

Today in fact, for both those that design and those that build and operate plants, it is imperative to pay close attention to the maintainability, and sustainability, of what we create.

The Asset Integrity Management Plan therefore is an important tool to improve quality, efficiency, reliability and safety, and to reduce maintenance costs.

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Green & Power

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we support you in the tendering and procurement activities as well as directly purchasing, expediting and delivering on your behalf, optimizing your time and budget. All over the world.



we analyze the social and environmental context in every project to respect the world we’re living in, besides estimating costs and benefits for the whole plant life. Sustainability is the key.