Country: Cuba
Client: Tecnimont KT S.p.A.
Activity: Pipeline – Oil & Gas

The Project consists of the basic engineering of the Red Magistral de Gasoductos de GNL (Main Network of LNG Pipelines) in the Republic of Cuba which will carry 13.46 MMNm³/d of natural gas to eleven major customers.

This network starts from the point of natural gas supply, delivered by a regasifying plant in Cienfuegos province, and finishes at the in Boca de Jaruco Energas plant in Havana province.

The gas pipeline network is divided in two (2) main gas pipelines, GM-1 and GM-2, and three gas pipeline branches: G-1, G-2 and G-3.

Enereco carried out the following:

  • emergency Shutdown System design
  • Dynamic Hydraulic Simulation
  • stress Analysis