Plant for the production of liquid biomethane from biogas at the municipal solid waste landfill

Country: Italy, Magione (PG)
Client: confidential
: Waste to fuel – Green & Power

The plant of Magione is designed for an average nominal flow rate of 600Nm3/h of biogas to be treated and with a regulation capacity from 300 to 800Nm3/h and falls under Annex 3 of the Ministerial Decree dated 02/03/2018 and later amendments – raw material that generates Biofuels that can be accounted for as Advanced.

The initiative is part of a broader context that covers the possible development of the landfill and the related modification of the management / recovery of the produced biogas, to pass from the electricity generation through generating units for a total authorized power of almost 2 MW, to the production of liquid biomethane (Bio-LNG).

Enereco developed the final technical project including material take off and cost estimation for an upgrading-liquefaction and storage plant of the biomethane produced from landfill biogas.


The work is aimed at the environmental improvement of an existing plant. Enereco selected the most suitable technologies to guarantee the maximum yield of liquid biomethane that can be produced taking into account the chemical-physical characteristics of the biogas from landfill, the territorial morphology and the existing environmental constraints.