Feasibility Study for a H2NG (hydrogen-natural gas mixtures) system

Country: Italy
Client: Snam Rete Gas
: Hydrogen – Green & Power

The feasibility study aimed to assess the applicability of the “H2NG” technology, transport and supply of a mixture of hydrogen and natural natural, from a technical, economic, environmental and commercial point of view.

H2NG technology proposes to use electricity from renewable source to produce hydrogen and its injection into the national gas grid.

The feasibility study covered the following units:

  • hydrogen production by electrolysis;
  • compression and storage of hydrogen;
  • hydrogen injection into the existing network
  • hydrogen separation system from methane / hydrogen mixture.

The feasibility study has been developed considering an hydrogen production from electrolysers of 15000 Nm3/h and 5% (volume) of hydrogen-natural gas mixture.