CANTIERI DL Integrated Management System

Thanks to our multi-year experience in Work Direction, in pipeline and plants construction and grid maintenance we develop a software called CantieriDL.

The system allows to set-up access authorization and read/modify permission to quickly access information and develop report. Data aggregation and documents creation are feasible in every working phase.

CantieriDL functionalities are gathered in the following areas:


  1. Registry, human resources allocation and management


  1. Main progress;
  2. Standalone progress;
  3. Plants progress.

Daily, weekly, monthly insertion and consultation of work progression.

Compiling of activity register with the aim to track workforce and site vehicles. Management of interference across various work phases (with potential prerequisite).


  1. Archiving, monitoring and management of site documents deadline for:
    • Workforce;
    • Means of work;
    • Business documents.
  2. Active safety for checklist compiling:
    • Checklist for CSM and safety assistants:
      • Management of instant notification to CSM in case of non-compliance;
      • Feedback on site staff and means of work;
      • Coherence between checklist and activity register to additionally support identified means.
    • Inspection reports about:
      • Tracking of single observations and prescriptions containing requested termination date, partial and effective;
      • Monitoring of efficiency related to prescriptions;
      • Management of photographic documents supporting observations;
      • Printing of electronically stamped models.
    • Check on staff and means of work:
      • Indexing of business information and related availability for complete research

Scalability and personalization of audit template based on the project, according to client requirements.


  1. Management and monitoring of documents related to the contract;
  2. Check on single work phases through checklist.


  1. Management of monitored line during the construction phase on a geographic and time basis:
    • Monitoring through alerts and e-mails;
  2. Active environmental checks:
    • Checklist on the field;
  3. Inspection reports:
    • Tracking of single observations and prescriptions with resolution date (partial and effective);
    • Monitoring of efficiency related to prescriptions;
    • Management of photographic documents supporting observations;
    • Printing of electronically stamped model;
  4. Soil and rocks excavation supported by tracking of documentary and geographic information:
    • Sheet of non-compliant line
    • Sheet of compliant line
    • Aquifer sheet

Set of report able to extract information on a municipal basis  

  1. Piezometers
    • Tracking of information and documents for initial installation;
    • Sheet of samples with information tracking:
      • Cleaning up
      • Samples
      • Tracking and saving of test reports

Environmental set of report able to extract information on a municipal basis 

Geo-referenced data according to project topography


Enereco works with a focus on the total delivery of the project.

Every single goal of the project is crucial. Not only selected aspects are processed but the whole project.


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Customized solutions for client in line with social, economic and environmental context.

Project analysis, from feasibility to construction and commissioning, can help to estimate costs and to bring benefits to the plant during its whole life cycle.

A unique focal point for engineering, construction and maintenance of your plant.


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we provide multidisciplinary engineering services thanks to the experience from relevant project execution and the use of the most efficient software in the sector, codes, regulations and standards. 



we support you in tendering and procurement activities and we directly manage purchases, expediting and delivery. We aim at optimising timing and costs. All over the word.



we analyse social and environmental context on every single project, respecting the world where we live. We always evaluate costs and benefits for the whole plant life. Sustainability is the right path.