Ergeva – Agrotechnological Hub

Ergeva is an ambitious initiative, which requalifies an abandoned area in the region of Marche (Italy). Its aim is to develop innovative projects of circular economy and to work to a more sustainable future.

Ergeva intends to create an excellence hub in order to develop research activities in collaboration with local universities, produce high added-value molecules for pharmaceutical and functional food industry and to allow the coexistence between photovoltaic and agriculture, using farming 4.0 technologies. Solar energies will be shared with the hub and with energy communities, which represent the pillars of ecological transition.





services and solutions

Enereco offers to Oil Company, Contractor and Multiutility competitive services for engineering, procurement and analysis in the Oil & Gas and Green & Power industries.



performance and sustainability

as your partner, we can help you to minimize the environmental impact of energy systems and optimize the buildability through innovative solutions.


our Activities

Oil & Gas

Green & Power

our Activities

Oil & Gas

Green & Power

our Services

enereco engineering


we provide multidisciplinary engineering services based on a substantial experience in major capital projects as well as in the use of industry’s leading types of software, codes and practices.

enereco procurement


we support you in the tendering and procurement activities as well as directly purchasing, expediting and delivering on your behalf, optimizing your time and budget. All over the world.

enereco buildability


we analyze the social and environmental context in every project to respect the world we’re living in, besides estimating costs and benefits for the whole plant life. Sustainability is the key.

Benefits of choosing us


humanity and details for a different teamwork compared to big players


design independence and responsibility in project execution


multidisciplinarity through custom made and flexible services


lateral thinking and constant investment in R&D

our Projects

Raw Gas Compression Dehydration and Export Facilities

Country: Iraq
Client: Lukoil Mid-East Limited

Separation of hydrogen from natural gas

Country: Italy
Client: Snam Rete Gas

Natural Gas Pipeline – San Salvo/Biccari

Country: Italy
Client: Snam Rete Gas

Research, Development and Innovation to us

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Debottlenecking project


TPR Pipeline Removal


LNG/L CNG filling station


R&D innovation department