LPG pipeline LZ2 24’’ Hassi R’mel-Arzew and pumping station

Country: Algeria
Client: Saipem for Sonatrach
Activity: Pipeline – Oil & Gas

The project consisted of a new 24″ pipeline, about 500 km long, for conveying LPG at a flow rate of 6÷9 MTA (1350÷ 2025 m³/h). The project also included:

  • a new pumping station for the new 24’’ (LZ2) and existing 24’’ (LZ1) pipelines located at Hassi R’mel, complete with high grade filtration system (cartridge and basket filters);
  • 1 pig launching and receiving station;
  • 1 pig launching and receiving station with emergency block valves at Sougueur;
  • 29 block valves;
  • pressure reducing/control at Arzew station.

Enereco carried out the bid engineering, basic and detail design, assistance to procurement activities, vendor post-order follow-up and expediting assistance, as well as part of the electrical and mechanical works supervision.