Improvements to Energy Security and Development for the South Peruvian Pipeline

Country: Perù
Client: Consorcio Constructor Ductos del Sur
: Pipeline – Oil & Gas

Enereco was awarded 2 sections of the main lines of the Project “Mejoras a la Seguridad Energetica del Pais y Desarrollo Gasoducto Sur Peruano”.

This project consists of the construction of approx. 40 km of ND24” butane/propane buried pipeline and 430 km of ND 32” natural gas pipeline with relevant above ground installations (connection point with metering and filtering systems, 16 main block valve stations, 3 launching/receiving pig trap stations), for the final client Consorcio Constructor Ductos del Sur.

The main line route starts in the Amazonas area (Planta de Malvinas) and crosses the Andean Mountains up to the Pacific Coast in the South of Peru.

Enereco is carrying out the detailed design for all disciplines, except cathodic protection and civils which are being carried out by Peruvian companies in cooperation with Enereco, as well as construction supervision.