H2 power for the future

Hydrogen will play a key role in the decarbonization of energy systems as well as in the transition of our society to a more sustainable circular economy.

Enereco is a H2IT member, the Italian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, where we contribute with our skills, as well as other companies and universities, to spread the knowledge about the hydrogen value chain for taking an active part in the energy renovation.

Future is coming and we’re ready for it.

our Commitment

H2 production

research on main hydrogen production systems from conventional and renewable energy sources

H2 transportation

design of plants for hydrogen introduction and transportation into the national natural gas network

Storage & Distribution

Research on hydrogen storage and distribution systems

“ The European Commission identifies the hydrogen investment as one of the key factors for reaching the decarbonization goals set for 2050, as stated in the EU Hydrogen Strategy published on 8th July 2020 “

Waste to fuel and Green Energy

Ready for the energy transition

Thanks to the 30 years of multidisciplinary experience in designing and managing industrial plants related to Oil&Gas, we deeply believe we can transfer our know-how in developing innovative plants, which can satisfy the production needs in the social-economical context of the territory.

Sustainability, circular economy and technological innovation are the key factors in the energy transition. The most engaging challenge in the decarbonization process is represented by the integration between production needs and environmental aspects.

our Commitment


electrical/thermal power generation systems from organic products and agricultural biomass


Bio-LNG/CNG distribution and production systems from the OFMW and agricultural by-products

Waste to energy

conceived as alternative source and related to the combustion of waste disposed in incineration plants at high temperature

Power Generation

power generation from renewable energy sources like wind, water and solar

our Services

enereco engineering


we provide multidisciplinary engineering services based on a substantial experience in major capital projects as well as in the use of industry’s leading types of software, codes and practices.

enereco procurement


we support you in the tendering and procurement activities as well as directly purchasing, expediting and delivering on your behalf, optimizing your time and budget. All over the world.

enereco buildability


we analyze the social and environmental context in every project to respect the world we’re living in, besides estimating costs and benefits for the whole plant life. Sustainability is the key.

our Research, Development and Innovation




Debottlenecking project


TPR Pipeline Removal


LNG/L CNG filling station


R&D innovation department