YEAR 2004

Country: Italy – Genoa
Client: Praoil spa
Activity: R&D Innovation Department

To rationalise its oil pipeline network, Praoil SpA decided to construct a new pipe bundle to connect Porto Petroli of Genoa Multedo to the Genoa Pegli tank farm.

The pipe bundle composed of 6 steel pipes was installed, for the very first time in Europe and, probably, in the world, inside a curvilinear microtunnel (length 640 m, inner diameter 2.60m)  using Civil and Mechanical engineering advanced solutions. Thanks to Trenchless Technologies, no inconvenience was caused to the normal activities carried out in the area, despite the intensive urbanization of that district. Actually, important positive environmental consequences were registered and obsolete existing structures were dismantled,  given the presence of a new plant.

The whole article was published in Quarry and Construction magazine in March 2005, where the contributions of companies involved by Praoil (Tre Colli SpA, I.CO.P SpA and Enereco for engineering) were collected.

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