YEAR 2015

Presented with new difficulties in pipeline removal, engineers at Enereco asked themselves how we could remove pipelines without excavation, ìn other words, trenchless. Jump ahead to 2015, and our patented Trenchless Pipeline Removal system won the Global Petroleum Show’s Innovation in Technologies Award.

Trenchless Pipeline Removal (TPR)

The abandonment of unused pipeline is an important issue. Abandonment can mean long term environmental costs, and with more stringent maintenance regulations, economic costs too.

The replacement and removal of pipelines or sections of pipelines is more and more relevant as the world’s pipeline infrastructure ages. And replacing or removing pipeline in sensitive areas presents even more critical issues.

Based on these considerations Enereco developed the TPR, Trenchless Pipeline Removal, the only trenchless pipeline removal system in the world.

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TPR works by cutting the pipe section to be removed with a helical cut from inside the pipe, using Enereco’s cutting machine which applies a mixture of water and sand under high pressure (materials chosen for their extremely low environmental impact, safety, and cost efficiency).

Once cut, the pipe can be twisted, reducing its diameter, and can be pulled out of the ground by traditional pulling methods (and with surprisingly low requirements for pulling force).

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