Working toward creative, practical solutions

Founded in 1988 to provide engineering, supervision and technical consultancy services to the petroleum and fluid transport industries, Enereco has grown to offer engineering specialist services in many sectors and has gained substantial experience in major capital projects.

Enereco is a completely multidisciplinary engineering company. We offer proven expertise with the industry's leading software and our extensive knowledge of industry codes and practices. We are engineering and design experts for all phases of a project. We bring our experience and know-how to our clients for defining and selecting technologies and developing all the way through into project execution. 

     Project Diversity 

 Enereco's engineering experience is evident in many areas, including:

  • large oil & gas plants / refineries
  • water treatment
  • tank farms
  • offshore structures
  • alternative energy incl. photovoltaics
  • public spaces
  • infrastructure and waste management
  • environmental 

 Enereco has an immense amount of experience in conceptual and feasibility studies, basic and detailed design, maintenance and operability engineering, vetting, procurement support and engineering support in the construction phase of projects. We can carry out simulation analyses to resolve root-cause problems. We can help you improve safety and environmental compliance. 

Our engineering teams can provide total project solutions. Ask us what we can do for you.