Redefining our tomorrow, one project at a time 

Enereco can provide design and construction management for residential buildings, commercial and industrial sites and public facilities, and help you implement the three basic principles for the best civils projects and infrastructure project planning:

  • Improving project selection
  • Streamlining delivery
  • Making the most of existing assets


The Services

Our specialist teams provide:

• Architectural Design
• Structural Engineering
• Aeronautical Structures
• Building rehabilitation
• Roads & Infrastructures
• HVAC and auxiliary systems
• MEP Designs
• Material & survey specification
• Site Survey & Quality Survey
• Construction Management and Supervision
• Land reabilitation




According to the McKinsey Global Institute Infrastructure Practice Report, 2013, the world needs to increase its investment in infrastructure by nearly 60 percent over the next 18 years. Let's get to work!