Feasibility Study for Power To Gas (P2G) plant

Country: Italy
Client: Snam Rete Gas
Activity: Hydrogen – Green & Power

Development of feasibility study for Power to Gas plant, production of synthetic methane from CO2 and H2 through methanation reaction.

Enereco developed the feasibility study by evaluating the current state of the art of different technologies and the applicability from a technical and economic point of view (CAPEX / OPEX), environmental and commercial.

The concept of “Power to Gas (P2G)” originates from need to find an efficient and dynamic technology for store the electricity produced from renewable sources (wind and mainly photovoltaic).

The feasibility study covered the Hydrogen production by electrolysis, and related compression and storage, CO2 storage, Thermal-chemical methanation system for the production of synthetic methane and Gas mixing system.

Three plant sizes were analyzed 2MWe, 5MWe and 10MWe, with the goal of producing 400, 1000 and 2100 Nm3/h of hydrogen and as consequence 100, 250 and 500 Nm3/h of synthetic methane respectively.