Authorization for 700 Sm3/h liquid biomethane production plant

COUNTRY: Italy, Villadose (RO)
CLIENT: confidential
ACTIVITY: Waste to Fuel – Green & Power


Bio – LNG plant of 700 Smc/h will be powered with biogas produced from organic and agricultural components.

The planned location of the plant will be in an agricultural aerea in the north of Italy, near the photovoltaic system.


The CO2 produced, if separated from methane, may be invested in the greenhouse agriculture as well as in the pharmaceutical industry and technical gases or even in the synthetic methane production.
The organic fertilizer will be invested in its respective markets and in the local agricultural field, whereas the effluent will be spread as soil improver in 1300 hectares of agricultural land.
The plant takes place in an agricultural/zootechnical context, where incoming raw materials and outcoming products are managed locally, respecting the values of the circular economy and environmental sustainability.


This plant can be considered a bio refinery, that turns into sub-products of plant and animal origin into biogas for automotives.
Bio – LNG deriving from the refinement of biogas, represents an important opportunity to reduce the use of fossil fuels.
Our planet is on the brink and this green gas may be a chance to make it safer, greener, and cleaner.
The growing demand for fuels from reneawable sources, in accordance with European policies, considers Bio – LNG, destined to maritime and road transport, as one of the most interesting solutions.