a vital key to success, for all of us

Enereco thrives thanks to the skills of its employees. These skills are our most precious assets, and they are for this reason nurtured through employee training initiatives.

At Enereco however we want to go a step further than training our own employees, our own assets. We are keen to be part of the growth of the countries where we work, of the companies with which we collaborate, the people with whom we are working, or who may want to work in our sector.

We want to help develop the skills that are required in those who up to now have not had access to such training. We want to strengthen the workforce, and improve people's chances for viable careers.

For this reason, Enereco is developing the Enereco Academy. The Enereco Academy aims to bring training opportunities to people all over the word through collaboration with universities and other certified training centres.

We will provide the curriculum that is needed to really make a difference in the workplace.


Enereco Academy is a work in progress. If you or your organisation are interested in a course or training opportunity, please get in touch with us at the email address below, and indicate "training" in your subject.