Project Management

 At Enereco, we focus on cooperation and making each project a positive experience for everyone involved.

Enereco is a reliable provider of project management services. We work together with our clients to identify their specific requirements in order to form a customized project management team for their project. 

 We can provide a fully integrated approach which includes: 

  • Cost Estimation
  • Planning, Forecasting, Progress Monitoring
  • Risk Management
  • Cost Control
  • Document Management (with use of Enereco’s proprietary web-based EDMS, Gescom)
  • HSEQ Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Installation & Construction Management
  • Commissioning Management
  • Interface Management
  • Contract Management
  • Permitting Management
  • KPI Development and Monitoring
  • Lessons Learned Workshops

Enereco can provide a complete package of services, or participate as part of an integrated project management team. Our services can also be chosen individually, such as the management of the client’s document flow using Gescom.

The right specialists

Our specialist team of project managers and highly trained support personnel know that quality, safety and consideration for the environment are keys to the real success of a project, and strive to provide services with the just attention to these areas. All of Enereco’s activities are performed in strict compliance with recognized standards and procedures.

We place emphasis on thoughtful planning, forecasting, progress monitoring, reporting and control, and carrying out these activities efficiently and with transparency.

We have developed proven systems to ensure that projects are delivered accurately and are continually monitored against time, cost and quality criteria.

Enereco approaches projects with a focus on total project delivery. It is not enough to concentrate only upon the aspects of a project for which we are explicitly accountable, but instead we consider the overall project objectives.


In 2006 Enereco developed the EDMS Gescom. Gescom is a web-based document management platform which manages and monitors project documents, comments & approvals, revisions and transmissions, as well as project physical and economic status. The platform was developed with a specific project in mind, but has since been modified and applied to over 100 different projects. Clients have been enthusiastic about Gescom's ease of use, real-time information and flexibility for adaptation to different project needs. 

The success of Gescom means that Enereco can offer its clients a high quality and customised document management product.