Our Key Management

Experienced professionals and proven leaders

Aurelio Simoncelli
Aurelio is a co-founder and President of the company . He began his career as a mechanical engineer and stress analysis expert at Snamprogetti. He then become senior project specialist for piping stress analysis and a worldwide recognized expert in HDD (Trenchless technology) as well as in special emergency operations for plants and infrastructures. In 1989, with his depth of experience in executive roles, he founded Enereco inthe role of President. Since the beginning of his tenure, Aurelio has devoted himself to the proper administration of the company, focusing especially innovative technologies.

 Franco Iacucci

Franco, who started his carrier as a piping specialist with Snamprogetti, is a co-founder of Enereco and executive Vice-President of the Company. Franco serves as Chief Executive Officer responsible for finance and administration, as well as being responsible for Enereco’s teams and activities related to site works supervision.

 Claudio Avaltroni

Claudio is executive Vice-President and the Sales Manager at Enereco, currently overseeing the sales, operations and projects departments. Earlier in his career, Claudio had founded his own engineering company but then in 1992 his company merged with Enereco. Claudio joined the Board of Directors in 1996, and in 2002 he was appointed Sales Manager. Claudio was integral to establishing Enereco's foreign branches and affliates and continues to be the focal point for international business.


Leading, through empowering others

Mario Lanzetta

Mario is currently Enereco's Procurement Director and also covers the role of Sales Manager for Italy. Prior to joining Enereco, Mario had a 9-year career at the API Refinery at Falconara Marittima, serving in various engineering and management roles, finally holding the post of the refinery's Production Manager. Mario joined Enereco in 2006, bringing to the company significant operating experience and expertise. Most recently, he was integral to the development of the Maintenance Engineering department, an important addition to Enereco's service offerings. Mario holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from “Federico II” University of Naples.

 Massimiliano Piccini

Massimiliano is currently Enereco's Director of Projects and head of the Project Management Department since 2007. He first joined Enereco’s Mechanical Department in 1992, where he advanced his expertise in piping design, mechanical equipment sizing, material corrosion analysis and materials selection. In the past he has served, in this order, as Resident Engineer Qatar, head of Materials and Cathodic Protection department in Italy, and Resident Manager of Enereco’s Romanian branch in Bucharest. Massimiliano has a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Engineering Polytechnic University of the Marche.

  Giuseppe Savino

Giuseppe is Enereco's Technical Director and has been with the company since 1994.  In his current position he leads and coordinates the eleven engineering & design departments. Previously he held the position of Process Department Manager. Giuseppe has a masters degree in Chemical Engineering from “Federico II” University of Naples. While his technical knowledge is based in process engineering, Giuseppe's well rounded technical knowledge is evident in his whole system approach.

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