Pipelines, Plants and more

Oil & Gas Experts 

 Our teams of engineers bring to projects their expert knowledge and insight in all disciplines.

At Enereco we are experienced in the design of large industrial plants for the production, treatment, transportation and storage of petroleum products.

We provide our clients with prefeasibility and feasibility studies, basic and detailed design, owner engineering, and assistance to procurement and authority engineering, ensuring proper compliance with all regulations before, during and after completion of a project.

Enereco provides construction and commissioning management and a full range of maintenance services. Thanks to our multidisciplinary structure, we can undertake design aspects including those related to environment, safety and Due Diligence. 


Enereco carries out engineering and project management for the Oil & Gas sector related to:

  • Wellheads area installations
  • Gathering systems and primary treatment plants for hydrocarbon reservoir fluid (GOSP)
  • Gas treatment plants
  • Water treatment and reinjection plants
  • Long distance gas and oil pipelines (cross country and offshore) and related special works (tunnels, mini-tunnels, H.D.D.)
  • Compression and pumping stations
  • Tanks farms for liquid and gaseous product storage
  • Truck, rail, vessel loading terminals including relevant onshore and offshore infrastructures (jetties, roads, etc.)
  • LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) receiving and regasification plants

Enereco’s whole system approach means that whatever our scope in a project, the overall project objectives are foremost in our minds.


Pipeline Specialists

Enereco’s specialist engineers have thorough knowledge of the design and engineering, construction and operational requirements regarding both onshore and offshore pipelines. We have considerable experience in gathering and transmission systems, as well as all associated equipment and systems. Enereco has carried out these works in very remote areas and under some of the most difficult conditions, such as:

  • Swampy areas (Nigeria)
  • Deserts (North Africa)
  • Shallow Waters (Caspian Sea)
  • Mountainous Terrain (Alps / Atlas Mountains)
  • Frozen Earth / Permafrost (Kazakhstan)

Enereco has the capacities, experience and specialised personnel required to advise upon and carry out pipeline special works, such as:

  • Trenchless Technologies
  • River / Lake Crossing
  • Microtunnels
  • Shore Approach